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Event #3: 78th Street Studios + VIDEO

March 28, 2014

Believers came together on 78th Street for our third yoga event! Located at the west end of Gordon Square, the 78th Street Studios is the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio. It houses close to 40 retail galleries, artist studios, design showrooms and other creative spaces all under one roof. Add 350 yogis who attended our Believe in CLE event and the creative juices really started flowing.

This intimate gathering accentuated one of Cleveland’s neighborhoods on the cusp of revival and rejuvenation. Hipsters, young professionals, up and coming artists and hometown neighbors dot the landscape and spark the redevelopment of this 'old is new again' Cleveland neighborhood. Even The New York Times has touted this community as spotlight-worthy in its travel section on September 19, 2014:  In Cleveland, Adding Life Where Grit Once Prevailed.

We the Believers breathed at our yoga event in honor of this gritty yet refined, creative and dynamic community.