Chartreuse, Believe in CLE Design Studio

Wondering where all the clever logos and designs for our yoga events come from? We'll share our secret! 

Charity D'Amato of Chartreuse, a boutique design studio in Lakewood, Ohio, has worked with us on every event to date, and her work just keeps getting better. We are so lucky to have her services and skills at our fingertips.

Charity is not only a friend, yogi and talented designer, but also a true Cleveland Believer. Her blog,, is one of the most popular in our city - for good reason! She gathers interesting CLE tidbits and uncovers magnificent Northeast Ohio locations in the following categories: is a visual feast of photos and experiences as well as a superb resource for uncovering the fun and excitement around town. 

Be sure to contact Charity and her team should your organization ever have graphic design needs. You'll be pleased with the results - we always are!