Guest Blogger: Clever in Cleveland, "Showing up"

Showing Up

by Katie Kurtz

I started feeling a shift a few years ago when I started seriously practicing yoga at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio. I say “seriously” practicing as in I began to take yoga more seriously. I have attempted yoga many times in the past, but I always had an excuse as to why it didn’t work.

But one fall day a few years back, I gave in to a friend who asked me to join her for a late morning class at Inner Bliss. I walked out feeling like I drank the yoga love Kool-Aid. I wasn’t making excuses any more to avoid yoga but rather making excuses to get back on the mat. It was like there was this invisible force pulling me to the mat.

Some days I am eager to show up and practice. Some days I have to drag myself there. But I always leave revived, grateful, and feeling a little lighter. This is where I push my limits, choose love over fear, and find my truth. This is where I challenge my body in poses and lay my head and mind to rest. This is where I breathe deeply and ignite my fire within. This is where I laugh, I cry, and most importantly become more me.