Guest Bloggers: Shannon and Mary Kate Tarr, Super Sisters Inspired at The Q

We were honored to have this Cool sister duo attend our Event at Quicken Loans Arena, and even more thrilled to learn how uplifting and inspiring their experience was. 

After hearing that the November Believe in CLE event would be held on the Cavs court at the Q we cleared our schedules to be sure we could attend. LeBron’s return home ignited Cleveland’s fire and attending an event where we could tap into this energy was an opportunity we would not miss! 

As first time Believers, we scored a coveted spot on the court with six hundred fellow yogis. Making ourselves at home at the Q was a very surreal experience. We were on the very same court that has hosted so many esteemed athletes-what an honor to practice in this space.  

The evening began with a surprise broadcast interviewing Cavs players on incorporating a regular yoga practice in their lives. We felt a personal connection to these players with our shared love for yoga and their support of the event. David Gilbert, president and CEO of Destination Cleveland, was the guest speaker. He discussed Cleveland’s continued sustainable growth; the revival of our oldest neighborhoods, the expansion in infrastructure and surge in economic development, all of which contribute to the buzzing energy in our beloved Cleveland. Most notably, he said “This change in community has occurred from the inside out-people believing in Cleveland is what’s going to make this place great for decades to come.”  

One of the sweetest moments for us was when Tammy Lyons was presented with a Proclamation of Recognition of the movement from Mayor Jackson on behalf of the City of Cleveland. What an honor for Tammy, so truly deserved for her vision for our yoga community and all she has done for our city.  Tammy led the practice with very helpful demonstrations from Moondog (we had NO IDEA that Moondog was a yogi!).  The movement was thoughtfully selected for practicing in close quarters (lots of planks!). The playlist was super fun, too!   Tammy emphasized the practice of raising each other up and supporting one another throughout this movement. She reminded us that our neighbor was right beside us to catch us if we fall.   The benefit to practicing next to your sister, is that if you do fall out of half-moon for example, there was a 50% chance that it would have been on one another-and who better to catch you than your sister?  How true, on and off the mat. We closed the practice with Kimberly Payne leading us in a chant, which just like Kim, was so uplifting and beautiful.   

Cleveland has been revered for quite some time as the Mistake on the Lake. That name doesn’t serve us anymore. As students of yoga, we know that we should let go of what no longer serves us. Cleveland is in the midst of an energetic revival. Cleveland is ready to let go of the name-calling naysayers who gave us a bad reputation so we can focus our energies on lifting each other up.   

Believe in CLE is literally breathing new life into our city, infusing Cleveland with positive energy and love. How lucky we are, to practice in these iconic Cleveland venues, sharing this healing practice with hundreds, sometimes thousands of like-minded, hard-working, beautiful souls who just want to live and love in a city that promises to loves them back.   

This was our first Believe in CLE and it will not be our last. We are looking forward to future Believe in CLE events and are inspired to be a part of something bigger.

How lucky this life.