Featured Believer: Anita Schisano

One of our most ardent supporters, Anita Schisano, is a Cleveland-proud dedicated yogi with an inspired spirit.

Cleveland was built for this...the union of a passionate people and a renewed landscape.
— Anita Schisano



The first time I stepped on the mat it was an immediate bond. That was almost five years ago.

Four years ago I had asked a photographer friend of mine if she would do a shoot with me and my first yoga teacher. It was an unforgettable experience. Through photos she was able to capture everything about yoga that is hard to put into words. I find such peace and clarity through my practice. The shoot is a reminder of my connection with the practice. 

One of my favorite photos from that day is the crow pose shot (see above, Kalyn Mann Photography). In every class I had been trying to stay in crow for more than a few seconds, and it would elude me every time. On this day it was the first time I managed to stay in the pose. I feel as though this photo captures my focus and dedication to the pose. I have never felt stronger. I hope it can be a reminder to any yogi to always come back to their practice.

When Tammy announced the first Believe in CLE event I couldn't wait! I knew it would be special. It surpassed any and all expectations I may have had. Being a part of something like that, in the city I was born and raised, was such a gift. I'm not sure anyone could possibly have predicted the amazing energy that would surround us. It just goes to show that an idea between two yogis in passing can become a recurring dream come true.

Cleveland was built for this...the union of a passionate people and a renewed landscape. Each Believe in CLE event has its own sacred energy and vibe. I have so much gratitude for Tammy and everyone involved with the events. It's where I can find my bliss, when I'm not at the studio, of course.

We are very grateful to have Anita be a part of our tribe. She is a true passionate believer! Read about more of our friends here →