Guest Blogger: Christine Vogelgesang

The Pop-Up Event at the James Douglas Studio was ahh-mazing!

This particular event had a much more intimate feel compared to past events at the Rock Hall, 78th Street Studios and the Cleveland Museum of Art. The close quarters allowed you to be enveloped by the creativity from the studio along with the positivity/energy/gratitude from fellow yogis as they moved through their practice. I loved having the combination of teachers, Laura and Justin, and experiencing each of their styles. Both have a great ability to instruct in a manner that makes you feel a sense of calm along with strength of self-empowerment. 

I enjoy coming to the Believe in CLE events because of the people! It truly is an event that anyone can attend. I have gone to events with friends and other ones solo and every time I can feel the warmth and welcome of everyone around me. Each event I come away with a new connection to someone who was a stranger when we started. It is amazing to me how you can feel your thoughts and mindset change and become more uplifted during these events through the energy of the teachers, assistants and fellow Believers. It is almost like the positive for the individual, community, Cleveland and one another is contagious - and I love it.

It is almost like the positivity for the individual, community, Cleveland and one another is contagious - and I love it.
— Christine Vogelgesang, Believe in CLE advocate

I am loving, LOVING, this resurgence of Cleveland’s popularity! When I first came to Cleveland in 2004 there was not much to look at and there was little to do, but to be here and experience Cleveland evolve is indescribable. It is so exhilarating to know that you are not only witnessing, but are apart, of a city that is on the cusp of something truly special.  

It is difficult to list all the ways that my yoga practice has benefitted me over the years. I feel that my practice changes a little every time I step onto my mat. While it is ever evolving, I feel that the sense of grounding, growth and self-reflection I gain are always constant. Practice helps me remained focused, keeping me from becoming overwhelmed by what is going on around me (even during a busy finals week!) As a physical therapy student and PT-to-be, I could create an extensive list of why yoga is a terrific way to incorporate movement into you life, but it also has many additional benefits!

Off the mat, Wine Bar in Rocky River is not only where I work part time, but also where you can find me on off nights. The patio in the summer is incredible. Come visit me :) You can also find me at Inner Bliss (of course!), Harness, Metroparks, in Tremont/Ohio City or scoping out a new place to try with friends. There are so many untapped gems of this city I need to find! If you have any recommendations pass them my way!