Guest Blogger: Zak Smith


Rock & Roll, East & West, Ease & Effort, Strong & Soft, the Rise and Fall.

The union of opposites brings to light the beauty and truth we seek through the practice of yoga.

On August 31, 2018 the Rock Hall’s patio was where the union of opposites connected as 2,400 believers came together to breathe, move, and groove as Tammy Lyons led an All-Levels practice. 

There are many magical elements in Tammy’s classes, but what always I love is the way she welcomes you to your mat. I felt that as U2 and Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For began playing and Tammy shared how although we come from many different paths and walks of life, when we come together we are reminded that we are more alike than we are different.

This year I was fortunate to witness this magical event from the standpoint of a volunteer and as a supporter with hands-on assists. As I helped greet and register yogis I was reminded of how much strength and courage it takes to show up; no matter if you came with a group of believers, on your own, or were dragged there by your significant other. The willingness to stay open through the movement, the dancing, and the hugging of complete strangers is something you have to experience to understand. Words alone aren’t enough to describe the uplifting feeling you receive from such an experience. 

Zak Smith, guest blogger

Zak Smith, guest blogger

What will stick with me most is when Tammy invited us to find a seat in the middle of the practice. We were invited to bring to our attention something we wanted to bring more of into our lives. As I found my seat against the LONG LIVE ROCK Statue, finding stillness was a challenge due to the kids running back and forth across the letters above me. I realized that they were reminding me of exactly what I wanted; to be more childlike, to find more joy, and move throughout my days with less fear.

As Tammy stated during the practice; “there’s change coming”, I can’t wait to see and receive what that change has in store for me, for you, and for CLE.

Thank you Adam Tilocco, Amy Basha, and Tammy Lyons for having the audacity to not only believe in the city but the not yet seen. Six years later I hope you are able to fully witness the change you have done for the city of Cleveland.