Sacred Hour

Sacred Hour is a Massage and Spa sanctuary that defies description.

Walking into Sacred Hour is an unparalleled sensorial delight. This haven for healing and wellness has just opened its second location in Lakewood, Ohio. 

Believe in CLE (BIC): Tell us about your new space in Lakewood and the story behind opening a second location.

Sacred Hour's Tabitha Baker (TB): Creation. For me, I need to create. I have always been passionate about design. I knew I wanted to own the property that houses Sacred Hour, a flagship if you will. In a space I own, I can do much more in the way of expressing the importance of the experience for our guests. The way a person feels when they walk into the space is everything.

BIC: What do you love about being a Clevelander?
TB: I've lived and traveled quite a bit. Living in NYC, LA, and the Virgin Islands, Cleveland feels like home for me. To see the growth and opportunity explode and to see the city come alive over the past decade is incredible. For business, Cleveland has been so supportive, always. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

BIC: How has Cleveland inspired your vision for Sacred Hour?
TB: Cleveland has allowed me the space to dream. From the spa to the retreats, our clients have soaked it up!

BIC: How would you describe a Sacred Hour experience?
TB: Excellent, effective treatments with a bit of luxury. 

BIC: What do you wish more people knew about your offerings? 
TB: Our retreats. Sacred Hour has done 5 retreats and is planning our 6th spa and yoga retreat. We have traveled to Thailand, Bequia, Costa Rica and Italy. Stayed tuned for the next location!


Sacred Hour Spa* NEW!
17917 Detroit Ave
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Sacred Hour Massage
19109 Old Detroit Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116