Featured Local Yoga: The Studio Cleveland

The Studio Cleveland is a 100% donation-based yoga center.

This gift of a studio has been brought to Cleveland by Sarah Cheiky, Founder and Owner. 

Since The Studio Cleveland offers much more than yoga classes, we asked its founder and owner, Sarah Cheiky, to share a bit about the unique mix of offerings at this space overlooking The Flats.

Believe in CLE (BIC): When did you open The Studio Cleveland? 

Sarah Cheiky, Owner and Founder, The Studio Cleveland (SC):The Studio Cleveland opened its doors on September 7, 2010, after taking space(s) as an individual and independent contractor since 2003, over 7 years in formal public practice downtown and finally accepting one of many interesting offers.

BIC: What drew you to the area? 

SC: Growing up in the near west side, making daily trips. I have fond memories of running the squares, climbing the sculptures, marveling at the architecture, spending time in the Arcades and Library. I loved the feeling that it brought me closer to the world, a new tempo and pulse in life. The area we chose in Downtown is on the border of the Historic Warehouse District and The East Bank of the Flats. We really appreciate that our windows face Settler’s Landing and the beautiful winding river of the Cuyahoga; with amazing sunset views, Jacobs Pavilion shows are free on our lawn and the river front traffic is quite impressive.

Offering our yoga and meditation services on a donation basis allows for a more conscious system of commerce. Through this system each student is allowed to give something in return for access to the service with no barrier to practice.

BIC: In what ways is The Studio Cleveland unique in it's offerings?

SC: Our most recent exciting and wonderful news is that for our sixth year in business, our community of instructors, practitioners and staff have more than agreed that it is time that all of our yoga and meditation classes are offered asking no fixed amount of money in return, making us Cleveland’s First All Donation Based Yoga Center!

Offering our services on a donation basis allows for a conscious system of commerce. Through this system each student is allowed to give something in return for access to the service but no barrier to practice. Give us what you can afford or what’s in your heart. We offer a suggested donation that is less than most yoga studios charge per class, keeping our mission of making yoga accessible and affordable true.

BIC: What would you like people to know about the experience at The Studio Cleveland? 

SC: The Studio Cleveland was opened as a way to share what is essentially a healthier home and be a piece of what may play a part in life. It feels that way when you come in. Formed as a collective of different people, beliefs, practices under one roof, our intention is to offer our opportunities to experience different avenues of wellness.

We have come to be very reputable overall and known for our Thai Massage and Trainings, which has been an amazing way to touch more of the community. We take pride in the ability to provide a beautiful space where the people are dedicated to the experience they can provide you at the time. We are amazingly human, becoming super!

BIC: What do you love most about being in CLE?

SC: The current growth of this amazing city, so much going on! There is a noticeably healthy movement and the positivity is incredible. You see more people, doing more, enjoying our amazing green spaces, parks and events. Many of us feel as though we have been keeping it a secret for a while, but it doesn’t look like we can do so any more!

The Studio Cleveland: Thai~Yoga~Massage
1395 W 10th St. Ste. 120
Downtown Flats East Bank
Cleveland, Ohio 44113