Guest Blogger: Sara Green of Passionfood Health Coaching

Our friend Sara, who moved to Cleveland with her family from Australia, summed up the 2015 Rock Hall event perfectly:

Community, connection, friendship, affinity, people, tribe, kinship, harmony, love, beauty, union, laughter, hugs, contagious energy, happiness and warmth.

With big smiles, happy faces and warm greetings, this is a night where old friends come together and new friends are made, all in front of the iconic Rock Hall. 

People started arriving in droves. A sea of colored yoga mats began to line the forecourt. We wrote our message with body paint down our arms....mine was LOVE. We were inspired by Joe Cimperman, the evening's guest speaker. 

My mat is my sacred space, the breath is my healer, the friendships are so special. I feel it all at Believe in CLE events.
— Sara Green, yoga student and Health Coach

Tammy Lyons and Marni Task led us through a beautiful and authentic yoga practice, accompanied by music with meaning, “[Cleveland], You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are.”  With the warm breeze on our skin and the sweet scent of Indu lotion in the air, together we inhaled and together we exhaled. Collective breath, collective movement. Tammy asked us to hug a stranger and dance putting all our inhibitions aside. Growth is what happens when we step outside our comfort zone. 

The beauty of the summer night sky was a highlight for me.  As we flowed through each pose we witnessed white cloud formations transform into the prettiest veins of pink cotton candy.  It was an unforgettable sunset.

The love of Yoga and the love for our city, the city of Cleveland, Believe in CLE unites people together from far and wide. We become one, and together we are strong. We lift each other up. Cleveland draws you in, the people are real. The city has a story. Clevelanders are passionate.   

My family and I moved to this city of bridges almost 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia. Two months after we arrived I took my first class at Inner Bliss and since that day, yoga has captured my heart, mind, body and spirit. My mat is my sacred space, the breath is my healer, the friendships are so special. It didn’t take long for the benefits of Yoga to create a ripple husband started joining me. It is our weekend ritual to go to class together, to share our practice. We love being involved in the Believe in CLE events. 

I just love how Yoga makes me feel, it’s as simple as that. 

About Sara

Sara Green is a gentle, charming, caring and warm soul who always has a special presence in the studio at Inner Bliss and at the Believe in CLE yoga events. She was trained in Health Coaching by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Sara has a special talent for helping others achieve their highest potential with regard to health and health-related issues. She has helped many people throughout her career. Read more about Sara and her practice off the mat here →