Councilman Joe Cimperman!

Meet Joe. He's a born, bred and educated passionate Clevelander and our proudly featured speaker at Event #8 at the Rock Hall.

Joe Cimperman, Ward 3 Councilman and novice yogi!

Joe Cimperman, Ward 3 Councilman and novice yogi!

1. What inspires you to be so passionate about about CLE?

It's because of the people I get to work with who are all trying to do the best they can to make this city better. From the researchers at the Cleveland Clinic to the retiree who is running a community garden, they are all working to build bridges to make a better CLE. I love being on the front lines for and with the people.

2. What are your thoughts about the shift in the perception of CLE?

We see ourselves as a city that makes things.  As makers we are willing to try & fail & try again. The perception of CLE has shifted because there are enough people in this city willing to keep trying.  We have gotten past the idea of winning and stepped into even enjoying the struggle.  

3. As a novice yogi, what are your feelings about the yoga practice?

I love the idea of breathing to heal. Only in church have I ever been able to go so deeply inward as I am on that mat. I have never felt closer to peace than when practicing yoga. What I love most, however, is the attention to kindness. The power of kindness could actually transform our city! I love how yoga encourages and spreads kindness.  

Kindness is contagious, and yoga is where it can start. We need more kindness and remembering where it starts. I believe in the concept of 'pay it forward,' essentially keeping kindness in the process of transformation. Yoga is a wonderful place where the kindness can start.   

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