Meet Jurell Sison of We'll Be Alright Videography


This Cleveland native, Jurell Sison of We'll Be Alright, has been busy creating moving pictures of our event at the Rock Hall.

He has a lot to offer!

BIC: Where are you from?  

JS: Born in raised in the greatest city in the world: Cleveland, Ohio

BIC: Can you tell me about how you came to love the art of filming and creating videos?

JS: Ever since I was in middle school I loved taking over my parents old camcorder. I even figured out a way to edit random funny clips together with my VCR. My first year of college a bought a used mac and some editing software and that's when it really began. I made videos for everything--my family, my church, my school, for anything really. However, my video game got really serious when one of my best friends asked me to film the morning session of her wedding. Right when she asked me I thought about the opportunities that could come my way if only I made a really good film. So I swallowed my fear and jumped in head first. I made this video two years ago ( and ever since then I've focused on getting better and better every day. 

BIC: What is your favorite part of the creative process?  

JS: What a hard question. There is a part of me that wants to say the end because I can see all the hard work that I've done. But then again, there is a part of my that wants to say the filming... when I'm right in the moment of filming an event--everything goes so fast. I get so nervous and excited at the same time. There's nothing like the being in the moment--forgetting about the world and doing what I do best.

What do you love about Cleveland?  

So many things... it's hard to keep track. However, if I'm being honest the best thing about Cleveland is that my family is here. Cleveland is home. Now combine my loved ones with the trendy neighborhoods, literally the best food in the world, the CAVS hype, and the Cleveland hospitality... that's just a small taste of what I love about Cleveland.

BIC: If you could describe Clevelanders in one statement - what would it be?

JS: When I think of this city I think of one word: gratitude. Life isn't easy here. There are days when it feels like we have no control over anything but I've learned that we sure are resilient. We are strong. When we are at our best we can find the goodness in anything. It's not happy people who are grateful, it's the grateful people that are happy--and because of that, no matter when you come to Cleveland, you'll be sure to find yourself lost in good vibes.

BIC: What else can you tell us about yourself?

I work full-time at St. Edward High School so make sure to hit me up if you have any questions! I could even give you a personal tour! If you want to check out my video work you can go to my website @

twitter/Instagram: @jurellsison