Second Sole is Running to a New Location

Our friend and lululemon Ambassador Tim Kelly is a CLE Believer as well as part of the team at Second Sole.

We recently caught up with Tim and he shared his photos of our Rock Hall event and the story behind Second Sole.

BIC: How is Second Sole growing?

TK: 2nd Sole is growing through a grassroots effort to get our community out and running together! We promote and do our best to service runners and walkers alike to get out and stay healthy!

BIC: How many years have you been in business? 

TK: We have been in business at our current location for 20 years this coming April! The floors are worn with people running up and down the store to try shoes just in time for us to move to our new location!

BIC: Have you seen running in CLE grow in the last few years?

TK: Running has definitely grown in the last several years. I think more people are wanting to get out, burn away the stress and take on new challenges by trying running, signing up for races and getting out with their friends and colleagues!

BIC: What do you love about CLE?

TK: Cleveland has an unparalleled way of pulling through, working together and gritting it out while staying the course and keeping optimistic. WE BELIEVE! I've travelled all over and I always come home to some of the nicest, most down to earth people out there. 

BIC: Anything else you would like to share about Second Sole?

TK: 2nd Sole exists to service the greater Cleveland area and do our absolute best to get you in the right gear (shoes, apparel and nutrition) and getting you out and moving forward through our free running groups we offer year round. We have ambition to not only better runners, but get new runners out hitting the pavement too!

Tim was able to capture our Rock Hall event with a cool perspective. Check out his album, and his talent in photography!