Why We Do This

I believe in the practice of yoga with my whole being, I believe in the city of Cleveland with my whole heart and I believe in finding ways to be of service.

Believe in CLE at the Rock Hall is a magical collision of yogis coming together to breathe and move in the collective spirit of loving CLE and taking a moment on one summer evening in the midst of a busy life, to consider, how we can each be of service to one another, to our work, and to our communities.

How can we continue to lift each other up, continue to elevate CLE to be the best? Some down dogs, a little CLE fever and contagious energy!
— Tammy Lyons, Believe in CLE and Inner Bliss Yoga Studios
I love it when it just starts to get dark and the lights of the whole city are starting to come alive. The flags are flying and there is incredible quiet peace.... It is magical!
— Ann Richards
Every year I’m in awe of the Inner Bliss team and their ability to bring together hundreds/thousands of people who join together to breathe, move and practice yoga in this rockin’ city we call home. Believe in CLE!
— Marni Task
The Rock Hall event is my favorite event of the summer! It’s a magical experience when a yoga community joins together to raise Cleveland’s vibration. The world can seem so divided at times, but this beautiful event, focused on connecting hearts, practicing on the same ground, and looking up at the same sky, is a sweet reminder that we are more alike than different.
— Shannon Baker (pictured at center)

Some photos courtesy of New Image Photography.