Gratitude to our Friends at Chartreuse

We are grateful to Charity and her team at Chartreuse who design and donate marketing materials for our events.

She recently shared with us our thoughts about CLE and reasons why she supports the movement.

BIC: Why do you believe in CLE? 

Charity: The Cleveland community is seriously the most supportive community for a creative professional and dreamer such as myself. The community is filled with other supportive entrepreneurs who allow you to try your best, fall down and get back up and try again.

Plus, it's gorgeous here, the metamorphasis of the landscape over the last few years has been incredible. I love seeing our city grow and evolve into something more beautiful each and every day.

BIC: Why you support our events?

Post card designed by Chartreuse!

Post card designed by Chartreuse!

Charity: When the Believe in CLE movement was first brought to our design studio we would have done anything to stand behind and support Tammy & her team. We felt like it was the perfect event to give our time and talent to. We watched as the IBY community put their heart and souls into making our city and the yoga community a better place to live and grow.

We couldn't think of a better, more inspirational group to lend our design skills to...we love how much they love our city and we do too!

BIC: Why do you love living here?

Charity: Cleveland is a gorgeous, lakeside city filled with a robust arts and wellness community that supports so many wonderful non-profits and start-up businesses. It is an attainable city for growing families. It has a vast assortment of architectural home styles, incredible sports teams, theatre, festivals, family fun and on and on. Let's just say, as a transplant to the city I couldn't be more pleased with this place I call home!

I HEART Cleveland! 

P.S. Be sure to check out this uber cool blog that Charity writes, spotlighting what she loves to do and see around the CLE!