Event #9 Rock Hall Guest Blogger Colleen Haddad

My experience was met with happiness and a sense of belonging as I was graciously greeted by happy faces everywhere I turned!
— Colleen Haddad, Owner of The Barre Co.

On September 2nd, I attended the “Believe in CLE” event at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was my second time attending this event.

The practice that evening is unlike any other. It transforms the everyday studio in a field of natural metropolis. My experience was met with happiness and a sense of belonging as I was graciously greeted by happy faces everywhere I turned. People were hugging, laughing, and smiling; the spirit was immediately contagious. 

Exploring the legendary venue, I could hear gleeful chatter and exuberant laughter and realized everyone was there for the same reason I was; to participate in an event that lifted our spirits and united our souls, right in the heart of our beloved downtown!

I set up my yoga mat on the circular path of concrete, which began to quickly fill up. The participants overflowed onto sidewalks and grassy knolls, sparing not even a foot between mats. But that was ok; we had all the space we needed. 

The practice began as I took in the fresh air, and gazed into the clear blue skies above. “Just breathe,” I heard Tammy say. ”Just be in the moment.” Her voice was so simple and welcoming. She was inviting us. And we were assembling. I was losing myself to her words, searching for that inner bliss. And there I was. Being me,  just me, in the heart of the city of Cleveland.  

As the practice forged on and the captivating music blasted through her voice, I couldn’t help but peak out of the corners of my eyes at the CLE skyline off to my right. Balancing in half moon, I gathered strength from within to hold the pose while simultaneously exploring the massive buildings surrounding us. 

It was radiant watching the sun's rays bounce off the mirrored windows as I returned to downdog. What a gnarly view seeing the scape of a city, upside down! “I love this city. This is the city I call home,” My thoughts were loud on my head, as I held each pose. I would be lying if I didn't acknowledge that a few “Thank you Cavs!” crept into my thoughts periodically!

Gulping in another large breath and gazing around the sea of yogis hovering over their colorful yoga mats, I witnessed their essence grow. Grow from an inner bliss to an outer bliss. Not only was this bliss exuberant, it was transmissible. We all were sharing in the joy of being present. 

This event invited everyone in attendance, to embrace one another. Embrace that single moment. Embrace the city we love. Embrace the bliss

Colleen began her BARRE journey at the age of four with ballet and jazz and continued through high school. She was a member of nationally ranked and competitive cheerleading squads throughout grade school and high school. Colleen also became a stellar track and field athlete and earned numerous collegiate scholarships. She eventually returned to cheerleading and dance and became a Professional Cheerleader and Coach.  

Today Colleen maintains a healthy, active lifestyle with her husband and four children and is proud to bring the methods of Barre Intensity to others. 

Visit the barre co. for details on Colleen's studio.